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SECCED has the excellent supplier system, we take suppliers as strategic cooperative partners. Our suppliers are ISO9000 certified companies. We carry out strict analysis and evaluation on technique, quality, service, price and commerce.
At the design stage, we execute the supplier management system, take the regular preview for the cooperative suppliers with the methods of price analysis, quality analysis, service analysis, technical support and training to improve the product quality, assure delivery time, reduced the purchase cost. We share the risk and profit with our suppliers.

On the production management, we take the ERP to push the 5S management for improving the material management. Through executing the effective information management by the unified material code, we reduced the material cost. All this make the materials arrangement tidiness, definite the quantity, stabilized the quality, reduce the waste and defective goods, safeguard the staff health.

SECCED enhanced the technology process management. SECCED organized the technical engineers to study the technological rule, improving the technical conditions, tackling key technical problems, reinforcing the process inspection. It makes the product quality more stable.

SECCED possessed the professional technical team and advanced mechanical manufacturing equipments, the key parts of the SECCED product are made by the CNC machine. SECCED has built the CNC manufacturing department to improve the machining accuracy, especially improve the consistency of the same batch parts, assure the stable product quality. Also it has improved the production efficiency, solved the complex, precise, small batch and variable parts machining problems.

The assembly of the SECCED product adopt the flow line production. It increased the output quantity via the strict production process, pushing forward the rapid flow production, meanwhile have the high flexibility. SECCED can make feedback to market demand in time and take rapid production, achieving the rapid production for the variety and batch changeable.




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